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When I write non-fiction I am seeking ways to engage the imagination. I’m also trying to make the book as user-friendly as possible, both as a reading experience and to shine a light on the complicated and confusing. I have a graphics background myself and I am extremely experienced at writing text with the book’s prospective visual appearance in mind.

This website has a small current selection from the many non-fiction books I have written on countless subjects, from aardvarks to zebras via kings and queens, machines, our world and outer space.


I love writing fiction and have had several picture books published, plus middle-grade imaginary history diaries, short stories and tales of the fairy world. I have written short novels for reluctant readers and I’ve even written short fairytale plays which have proved very popular with children’s groups around the world.

Under 5s

My books for babies and toddlers have often been written to accommodate extra elements such as paper-engineered flaps, tabs or tactile ‘touch and feel’ elements. I work very hard to ensure that extra elements serve a strong purpose, and that the finished book is user-friendly, with a satisfying sharing reading experience at its heart.

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I’m always delighted to hear from anyone who has read my books.

Links to my agent and to my social media are here, too.

I am represented by the fantastic agent Anne Clark:


My email is moira@moiraworld.co.uk

My instagram is: @moirabutterfieldauthor

My twitter handle is: @moiraworld

About My Work

I’m an internationally-published children’s book author. This site is an introduction to me and to my extensive range of work. My backlist includes picture books and board books for the under-5s, fiction and highly-commended non-fiction books that seek to spark a child’s imagination about our world.

Books are powerful. In the hands of a skilled author they give us a wonderful insight into the world, and in particular, they give children fantastic knowledge tools for the future. I am proud to serve children. In every project, I strive hard to engage them and give them an enjoyable reading experience.

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