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I am experienced at school and festival visits. Please contact me for further information. 

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Blogging: On the 10th day of each month I blog about writing at: My latest blog is also on this site. 

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New books coming soon: I have just finished two non-fiction books for age 4+ which will be published by the National Trust, the first in 2019. I have completed an exciting new non-fiction project for Egmont, which should be out in 2019 and looks as if it’s going

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I’m always delighted to hear from anyone who has read my books.

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About My Work

I’m an internationally-published children’s book author. This site is an introduction to me and to my extensive range of work. My backlist includes picture books and board books for the under-5s, fiction and highly-commended non-fiction books that seek to spark a child’s imagination about our world.

Books are powerful. In the hands of a skilled author they give us a wonderful insight into the world, and in particular, they give children fantastic knowledge tools for the future. I am proud to serve children. In every project, I strive hard to engage them and give them an enjoyable reading experience.

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