Lean into the mean old wind (poem)

Lean into the mean old wind

This poem was written during the coronavirus lockdown. It has actions built into it that children can do with their friends and family on Skype, Facetime etc.

Please use it as a gift from me. X

The actions:

Leaning into the wind.
Lifting your face up to the rain.
Peering forward
Shaking your finger
Stretching out your arms

Lean into the mean old wind.

You’re strong and soon it will be gone.

Stretch your arms out straight behind you.

Push your chin out.

It won’t beat you!

Look at me. I’ll do it, too.

We’ll lean into that silly wind.

We’ll show it can’t blow us away.

Not now.

No how.

Not any day!

Lift your face up to the rain.

You’re strong and soon it will be gone.

Wave your hands. Sing a song.

Rain, rain. Move along.

You, me and the family.

We’ll all face that drippy rain.

It can’t wash us away.

Not now.

No how.

Not any day!

Dance against the chilly cold.

You’re strong and soon it will be gone.

Wiggle your hips. Wiggle your feet.

Wiggle your body to the beat.

I’ll dance, and Grandma, too.

We’ll all dance against the cold.

It won’t freeze us up. No way.

Not now.

No how.

Not any day!

See through the swirling fog.

You’re strong and soon it will be gone.

Put your hands above your eyes

and peer on out to bluer skies.

You, me and everyone,

We’ll all see through that drifting fog.

We won’t let sadness come to stay.

No now.

No how.

Not any day!

Shake your finger at the clouds.

You’re strong and soon they will be gone.

They won’t stay in your sky.

Tell them all to float on by.

You, me and all the world.

We’ll shake our fingers at the clouds.

We won’t let them keep us grey.

No now.

No how.

Not any day!


Stretch your arms out to the sun.

Don’t worry. You are strong

and sunshine will always come.

You. me and everyone,

We’ll lean into the wind…


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